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Video Telephone

This is the typical desire among people to communicate thoroughly. Scientists have been devoting themselves to the development of any communication products that can break the limit of distance.

AT&T's prototype of the videophone showed at the 1964 World Fair in New York City paved the way for commercial videophone communication products. Video telephone is specially designed for consumer's use. Utilizing the recent advanced technology and standards, Video telephone makes a cost-effective and high video quality videophone system possible for the consumer sector.

Video telephone is a revolutionary color videophone system which provides simultaneous video and audio communication over standard telephone lines (POTS) at regular rates. By just connecting it to an existing TV set, a touch-tone phone and a telephone line, color images of family, friends, and business associates around the world can be viewed on a standard TV set during a phone call. Its built-in surveillance function also allows remote monitoring of home, business, health care, and security use.

Revolutionary way of telecommunication

With technological breakthroughs, Video telephonecan bring these benefits to you:



Plug & Play: Video telephone is designed to avoid complicated installation & operation procedures. By just connecting it into your existing TV, touch-tone phone and a telephone line, you can make or receive a color videophone call anytime as you like. With the user-friendly on screen menu, you can operate this system just via the keypad of the connected touch-tone phone.

High Quality Video: Video telephone transmits up to 15 frames per second. You can enjoy seeing the real time and real color images of your customer, client, family and even doctor you are communicating through this videophone system.

Local View & Remote View: Video telephone's TV selectable image sizes enable you to view the other party's full or quarter screen display images. You can also choose the split screens to see the Local View and remote view at the same time.

Privacy Mode & Door: When you do not want the caller or receiver to see you when using this videophone system, just shutter the Privacy door in front of the camera or operate the privacy mode via the phone keypad. It will mute the outgoing pictures.

Built-in Surveillance Function: The built-in surveillance function an auto-answer incoming calls and allows you to remote monitor your house while you are away from home. This security function can also be applied to the business, health care, and security field.

Compact Design: The Video telephone lightweight & compact designs fit easily into a carry case. You can take it with you on a trip. It is an economical business tool for instant, face to face communication.

ITU-T H.324 Compatible: Video telephone is designed to conform to the ITU-T H.324 international standards for videophone communications. It can be used with any videophone product which is compatible with H.324.




Power Consumption 12 Watts Operating voltage(AC Adapter) 90-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Type of Communication

Transmission and receipt of voice + simultaneous video


CIF 352 x 288 pixels QCIF 176 x 144 pixels SQCIF 128 x 96 pixels

Transmission Time

max. 15 fps ( frame per second)

Communication Speed

max. 33.6 kbps


System ITU-T Standards H.324 Audio ITU-T Standards G.723 Video ITU-T Standards H.263

Built-in Camera

Imaging device: 1/4" CCD
Illumination (min.): 35 lux @ f1.8
Automatic Focus Range: 20.5" to infinity
Aiming Angle: Vertical +/- 15o
Horizontal +/- 20o
Resolution: 752 x 480
Horizontal Field of view (max.) 61o
Auto exposure and white balance
Artificial lighting flicker reduction


Full or Quarter Screen Display-User Selectable Split screens- Preview & Remote views display two images of both ends


Frequency Response 50Hz -3.4kHz
Automatic Gain Control
Automatic Echo Suppression


Output: Main monitor Composite (RCA Phono)
Format: NTSC / PAL Selectable

Terminal Connections

Audio-out/ Video-out
RJ11 x 2

Transmission Line

POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) telephone lines


Temperature: Operating 32oF to 140oF ( 0oC to 60oC)
Storage 14oF to 160oF (-10oC to 70oC)
Humidity Operating 16% to 80% Storage 10% to 90%


60 mm(H) x 140mm(W) x 180mm (D) -Without Swivel Base

Package Contents

Video telephone-Main Unit
Audio/Video Cable x 1
Telephone Cable x 2
Power Supply ( 90-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
Swivel Base Carrying case (Optional)


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